How Lighthouse Leveraged PDF Butler for Custom Invoices and Quotes 

Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight) is the leading commercial platform for the travel & hospitality industries. Trusted by over 65,000 hotels in 185 countries, and supported by over 550 employees, Lighthouse provides real-time hotel and short-term rental data in a single commercial platform.  

In this success story, we delve into an interview with Rupert Lemahieu, the Director of Data Insights and Systems at Lighthouse.  Rupert’s role includes overseeing Lighthouse’s analytics team and managing the company’s use of Salesforce and other commercial systems.  

The Challenge: 

Lighthouse encountered the challenge of aligning their invoicing and quoting processes with the diverse needs of global client segments. Their existing solution lacked the flexibility required for expansion, prompting Rupert to seek alternatives to maximize their Salesforce Revenue Cloud investment.  

Rupert explains, “We have multiple templates that are dependent on our types of customers. We needed different templates for invoices, quotes, credit notes, and debit notes.” This complexity demanded a solution capable of robust customization.  

He discovered PDF Butler thanks to a consultant who knew it could customize templates better than any other solution. Intrigued, Rupert decided to look into PDF Butler as a way to improve Lighthouse’s document processes.  

Solution Implementation and Impact: 

Rupert emphasized the smooth implementation of PDF Butler, highlighting its flexibility in creating tailored templates for different customer types. This adaptability was previously unattainable with their former provider.  

 He also commended PDF Butler’s responsiveness to custom requests, citing squift deployments of features such as mandatory VAT fields for specific clients. As Rupert reflects, “In just a couple of weeks, PDF Butler deployed the new features we requested. I’m appreciative of PDF Butler’s responsiveness to all our requests.”  


In conclusion, Lighthouse’s collaboration with PDF Butler exemplifies a successful partnership aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and meeting evolving customer demands. By leveraging PDF Butler’s customizable solutions and responsive support, Lighthouse continues to set new standards of excellence in the travel and hospitality sectors.

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