IGM Technology Simplifies Complex Proposals with PDF Butler

IGM Technology, the leading public sector and enterprise-scalable financial close management solution to address all aspects of the financial close process, in a single cloud-based platform. The Gravity ecosystem encompasses a wide range of core modules, including: Report Automation (Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, 10ks, 10Qs), Budgeting & Planning, Financial Group Consolidation, Reconciliation Management, Tax Provisioning and ESG Report Automation.

In our conversation with Leigh Solomon, Vice President of Strategic Growth, we delve into the challenges they faced, the implementation of PDF Butler, and how the solution slashed 50% of their reps’ time in creating proposals.

Challenges Faced:

Leigh’s day-to-day at IGM Technology is comprised of overseeing all revenue-generating departments. Her focus lies in expanding into new markets and streamlining processes to ensure a smooth sales cycle.

Before implementing PDF Butler, IGM Technology faced cumbersome document generation processes. With multiple systems in place, including Salesforce for managing customer data and Google Docs for generating proposals, maintaining coherence and data accuracy became increasingly difficult. Leigh explains that managing pricing structures and ensuring alignment across all documents was a main challenge.

Solution Implementation and Impact:

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Leigh turned to the Salesforce AppExchange and discovered PDF Butler. Impressed by its comprehensive features and positive reviews, IGM Technology started a free trial to evaluate its capabilities. Leigh has always been keen on trying solutions for herself and making sure she can self-implement if needed.

Leveraging PDF Butler’s support resources and user-friendly interface, Leigh successfully integrated the solution into their Salesforce environment. By centralizing document generation within Salesforce and automating pricing calculations, PDF Butler offered a streamlined approach to creating proposals and contracts. Leigh also explained that the PDF Butler University and tutorial videos were of great help when she needed extra guidance.

The impact of PDF Butler on IGM Technology’s operations was profound. With PDF Butler, Leigh’s team achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in the time required to generate documents such as Order Forms, Proposals and SaaS Agreements.

Furthermore, PDF Butler’s ability to dynamically pull pricing information from Salesforce ensured consistency across all documents, eliminating discrepancies and reducing the risk of errors.


As they expand their product offerings and venture into new markets, PDF Butler will play a role in streamlining document processes and maintaining operational excellence.

The collaboration between IGM Technology and PDF Butler exemplifies the power of innovative solutions in overcoming operational challenges. As organizations across industries seek to optimize their workflows, the success story of IGM Technology stands as a testament to the value proposition of PDF Butler in simplifying Salesforce document generation.

In Leigh’s words, “You can create complex proposals in a second. It’s really a no-brainer.”

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