Mobilant, a Non-Profit, Optimizes Document Workflow with PDF Butler

Mobilant is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional support to people with disabilities. With a team of about 80 individuals, Mobilant ensures that their clients receive the assistance they need, while also managing their financial operations effectively. 

Bart Tamlow, Mobilant’s Financial Manager and Technology Lead, shared insights into their journey of integrating PDF Butler into their workflow to address these challenges. 

Why Mobilant Needed a Document Generation Tool? 

As Mobilant continued to grow, their existing document generation system, built in-house over 15 years ago, became insufficient for their needs. With an increasing client number and the necessity to report to the government regularly, they required a more efficient solution to handle document generation and management. 

Bart explained, “We needed to report to the government about each client, and our existing system couldn’t handle the volume of data efficiently.” 

How Mobilant Uses PDF Butler 

Mobilant transitioned to using Salesforce to manage their operations, and PDF Butler was introduced to streamline their document generation process. They primarily use PDF Butler to generate contracts for their clients, utilizing data from Salesforce to populate these documents accurately. Once generated, the contracts are sent to clients for signature directly through Salesforce. 

Mobilant explored various solutions before settling on PDF Butler. Bart noted, “We looked at several options, but PDF Butler stood out for its seamless integration with Salesforce and its user-friendly interface.”  


Previously, Mobilant relied on manual methods to generate documents, involving multiple Excel sheets and manual data entry into Word documents. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors. With PDF Butler integrated into Salesforce, Mobilant now generates contracts within seconds, significantly reducing the time and effort required. 

Describing the implementation process, Bart remarked, “It was very smooth. Within days, we were up and running, generating PDFs directly from Salesforce.” He praised PDF Butler’s efficiency, stating, “It works really well. Within seconds, we can generate PDFs tailored to each client.” 

Key Advantages for Mobilant 

The primary advantages Mobilant experienced with PDF Butler include: 

  • Efficiency: Contracts are generated within seconds, saving time for Mobilant’s team and allowing them to focus on other essential tasks. 
  • Accuracy: PDF Butler ensures that contract data is accurately populated from Salesforce, reducing the risk of errors in documents. 
  • Convenience: Clients can sign contracts electronically, eliminating the need for in-person appointments and streamlining the signing process. 

Impact on Efficiency 

The integration of PDF Butler significantly optimized Mobilant’s document workflow. Bart explained, “Previously, the process of getting contracts signed could take months. With PDF Butler, 94% of contracts were signed within days.” This efficiency gain allowed Mobilant to redirect time and resources to better serve their clients. 


For organizations considering PDF Butler as a document generation solution, Mobilant highly recommends it. They emphasize PDF Butler’s ease of use, efficiency, and seamless integration with Salesforce as key factors that have contributed to their success. 

By implementing PDF Butler, Mobilant has transformed its document generation process, improving efficiency, accuracy, and overall client satisfaction. With PDF Butler’s intuitive features and seamless Salesforce integration, Mobilant can focus on its mission of providing support to individuals with disabilities while efficiently managing its operations. 

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