Move Deals To Closed-Won With Salesforce Document Generation

Creating sales proposals can be a time-consuming task for businesses. Swiftly and accurately generating sales proposals can significantly impact deal outcomes. 

At PDF Butler, we understand the challenges that sales teams face when it comes to creating and customizing Salesforce documents for potential clients. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive solution to streamline the document generation process, enabling sales teams to accelerate their deals to closed-won status efficiently and effectively. With PDF Butler, you can say goodbye to manual proposal preparation and hello to a more streamlined, error-free approach that enhances productivity and drives success. How? Let’s jump into it. 

Accelerate Your Deals to Closed Won 

Speed is crucial for sales teams to close deals successfully. PDF Butler empowers your team to accelerate deals to closed-won status by automating and simplifying the document generation process. With its user-friendly features and seamless integration with Salesforce, PDF Butler allows your team to create tailored proposals quickly and effortlessly.  

IGM Technology experienced firsthand that PDF Butler cut their proposal preparation time by up to 50%, giving their reps more time to focus on closing deals and driving revenue. 

Customize Every Aspect in Seconds 

With PDF Butler, you can customize every aspect of your documents in seconds, ensuring they resonate with your prospects and stand out from the competition. From dynamic templates and custom branding to conditional formatting and personalized messaging, PDF Butler offers endless possibilities for tailoring your proposals to fit your unique business needs. Whether you’re creating contracts, reports, price lists, or more, PDF Butler makes it easy to create professional, polished documents that leave a lasting impression. 

Eliminate Errors and Improve Data Accuracy 

Manual document generation processes are prone to errors and inaccuracies, leading to potential setbacks and delays in the sales cycle. PDF Butler eliminates these risks by automatically pulling data from standard and custom objects in Salesforce to populate documents accurately.  

By minimizing human error and ensuring data integrity, PDF Butler helps your team maintain a professional image and instill confidence in your prospects. With PDF Butler, you can say goodbye to inconsistent branding, outdated information, and embarrassing mistakes in your proposals. 

Explore PDF Butler’s Features 

  • Ease of Use 

Simplify processes with PDF Butler’s intuitive interface, designed to handle even the most complex use cases seamlessly.

  • Lightning Speed 

Experience rapid time-to-market with quick template modifications and lightning-fast document creation for enhanced efficiency. 

  • Multiple languages and currencies 

Break language barriers and use your customer’s regional settings to communicate in their own language. 

  • Easy-to-Manage Templates 

Save time with reusable templates, both static and dynamic. One configuration can be used across different templates and use cases for easy management.

  • Dynamic Pictures 

Integrate static and dynamic images throughout your documents, including headers and footers. 

  • Robust Security 

Rest easy with API-based connections that ensure constant authentication, encryption, and verification, keeping your data secure at all times. 

  • GDPR Compliance

Protect user privacy with our strict no-data-logging policy, while benefiting from environments that adhere to GDPR regulations. 


PDF Butler offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining the document generation process, empowering your team to accelerate deals, eliminate errors, and customize documents with ease. With PDF Butler by your side, you can take your sales workflow to new heights and achieve greater success in closing deals and driving revenue.  

Experience the difference for yourself and revolutionize your sales process with PDF Butler. 

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