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As we continue to innovate and enhance our offerings, we are excited to share a comprehensive overview of our latest PDF Butler releases. Our team has been diligently working to bring you cutting-edge features, improved performance, and enhanced user experiences.
Below, you’ll find a detailed table of all recent releases, showcasing the latest advancements and improvements we’ve made to our product suite.
October 2, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureShapes can now be included within MS Word documents. Visit the Academy to find out what forms are allowed.
October 2, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureYou can now View an address in Japanese format.
October 2, 2023PDF ButlerFeaturePPTX PARAGRAPH ConfigType with empty DataSource
October 2, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureValidation on PICTURE ConfigType to make sure there is a "Pic" structure in the MS Word document
October 2, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureADDRESS ConfigType
October 2, 2023Butler InspectorFeatureButler Inspector: error handling, PDF/DOCX/PPTX/CSV/EXCEL creation (without AFTER Actionables), automatic locale filled
October 3, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureConfigPage is now available with the Lightning Design page. New user will use it directly. Note for Old Users: There is a button on the docconfig.html page, in header click on “Switch to Lightning Experience“.
October 3, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureNow you can change the settings to be able to spell all the numbers.
October 3, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureNew Lightning mail component
October 3, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureChange the text of a watermark now is available
October 4, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureCreate by default a list of mergefields extracted from docx file.
October 6, 2023PDF ButlerFeaturePPTX PICTURE ConfigType. When there is no mime-type on the Picture DataSource, PB must use an image per default
October 6, 2023PDF ButlerFeaturePPTX remove picture placeholder when there is no picture in DS
October 23, 2023PDF ButlerFeaturePPTX - support repeating slides
October 23, 2023PDF ButlerFeaturePPTX SLIDE_REPEATER with child PICTURE messes up the config in the config Screen
October 27, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureAdd export doc config
November 11, 2023PDF ButlerFeaturePTTX Same mergefield in a slide that is used with SLIDE_REPEATER. Only 1 is filled
November 20, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureRich_Text on PPTX files remove classes and styles by default.
November 20, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureNew button for import ZIP files to the Docconfig.
November 20, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureSet a Default targetName for a PPTX file
November 20, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureCreate UI button to import the zip file on Dev Enviroment
November 20, 2023PDF ButlerFeaturePPTX file, if I have 2 mergefields in the same Paragraph, only 1 gets replaced
December 8, 2023PDF ButlerFeatureAdd Roman numeral formatting to Number field
February 19, 2024PDF ButlerFeatureEnable Track Changes options when a Docx file is generated
February 26, 2024PDF ButlerFeatureCapitalize text after a hyphen character
April 15, 2024PDF ButlerFeatureAllow to Export DocConfig when "Allow Migration" is checked
April 15, 2024PDF ButlerFeatureUpdate the Record Type of a Doc Config
April 15, 2024PDF ButlerFeatureImport Header/Footer from TEMPLATE DC into Section of MAIN DC
April 15, 2024PDF ButlerFeatureAdd method to convert PDF into images and add to Picture DataSources
April 25, 2024PDF ButlerFeatureImage Rotation for RTF

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