SIGN Butler V2: Group Signing & iDIN Signer Identification for the Netherlands

Introducing Group Signing 

Our latest feature, Group Signing, simplifies the process of obtaining signatures when dealing with documents requiring approval from specific teams or roles, such as the Legal, Sales, or Management team. With Group Signing, you can now streamline the signature collection process by assigning a single sign request to an entire group.

Here’s how it works: Once you designate a group of users for a sign request, any one of them can sign the document, advancing the request to the next signer in the sequence. If the group is the final step in the signing process, the request will be marked as complete once any member of the group signs. 

This means that only one person from the designated group needs to sign the document to fulfill that stage of the process. 

To get started, simply configure the users by contact role in your DocConfig. For detailed instructions, visit our Academy Article: SIGN Butler V2 – Group Signing – PDF Butler. 

IDIN Signer Identification for the Netherlands 

We’re excited to announce the integration of iDIN, a robust online identification system developed by banks for consumers, into SIGN BUTLER V2. iDIN offers a secure and reliable method, which means that we can authenticate their identities, enhancing the assurance we have of the signer’s identity during the signing process. 

For detailed setup instructions and further information, please visit our comprehensive PDF guide: iDIN Documentation. 

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