Twin Medical Transforms Salesforce Document Management with PDF Butler

Twin Medical, a French company specializing in Health Simulation Devices, is dedicated to delivering exceptional educational tools for healthcare professionals globally. In this Success Story, Mathieu Charmet, Operations Manager and Salesforce Administrator, talks about their choice to adopt PDF Butler for their Salesforce document requirements and the benefits it brought to their operations. 


Before adopting PDF Butler, Twin Medical grappled with managing documents like quotes, invoices, and purchase orders across various platforms. “The challenge was having to maintain two separate softwares,”  Mathieu explains. “Creating accounts, contacts, and products on both systems, and importing files manually into Salesforce to keep track of the documents related to opportunities was a heavy process to deal with.” 

Their previous software lacked the capability to handle templates in multiple languages, leading to complications with international suppliers. Additionally, it imposed limitations on the fields available in their document templates. This disjointed approach consumed valuable time and increased the likelihood of errors. 

When asked about the cost of their previous solution, Mathieu remarks, “It amounted to about 40 € per user each month, alongside a significant amount of wasted time – and time is priceless.” 

Solution Implementation and Impact 

Prompted by positive reviews and a 5-star AppExchange rating, Twin Medical started a free trial to explore PDF Butler’s capabilities. The quick integration of the solution into their Salesforce environment, coupled with the extensive support resources on the PDF Butler Academy, ensured a smooth transition.  

“I was amazed that every resource you need to implement the solution is readily available, with videos on Youtube and the Academy. It’s like going to a restaurant and not only can you see the menu, but even visiting the kitchen and see how your dish is made. This really helps build confidence with the solution.“ 

Following their free trial, Twin Medical wasted no time in purchasing licenses, and the implementation process proved to be swift and straightforward. Currently, the solution is fully integrated into their record pages or called through flows. 

With the ability to edit and customize all documents related to their sales process, the team experienced a remarkable transformation in their workflow. Tasks that once required manual intervention and were prone to errors were now automated, saving time and resources. While the Sales Team primarily uses PDF Butler for quotes and invoices, they have expanded its usage to the technical team, enabling them to print case resolution reports for customers, further enhancing their services.  

Mathieu emphasizes that team members took just one minute to get up to speed with PDF Butler, underscoring its intuitive design and ease of use. The newfound efficiency facilitated by PDF Butler not only improved internal operations but also enhanced Twin Medical’s ability to serve their customers promptly and accurately.  

He also commends the PDF Butler Support Team, saying “The personalized support at all levels is amazing. The whole team is really committed to customer success. 


The success story of Twin Medical exemplifies the transformative impact of PDF Butler on document management processes. By eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining workflows, PDF Butler empowered Twin Medical to deliver better services to their global clientele.  

When asked about what he could say to companies looking to seek a better document solution for Salesforce, Mathieu says “Just take PDF Butler’s free trial.” 

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